Welcome to Herreras Appliance !

Can you imagine the trouble you would face, if your refrigerator suddenly stopped working? Or if your washing machine flooded, or your small appliance began to throw sparks?

Large household appliances have become an essential part of modern living, and so has the need for a professional appliance repair service. It is virtually impossible to find a home without multiple major appliances including a dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, garbage disposal and ice maker.

Because they are such a large part of our daily lives, these appliances come under an enormous amount of pressure on a daily basis and eventually they become faulty or wear out.

While some appliance malfunctions are obvious, it's good to know you can call an appliance repair service to help you with those not so obvious fixes.

That’s where Herrera’s Appliance comes in….

• We service all major household & commercial appliances
• We provide Expert Repairs Done With Integrity.
• We service & repair ALL makes & models of major household appliances, garbage disposals, ice makers.

Don’t suffer the inconvenience of a faulty or broken down appliance. We can get to you quickly to carry out efficient and cost effective appliance repairs.

We will also pay cash for appliance that in good working order.